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Our Technology

The steel fabrication industry is advancing by leaps and bounds. At Fabricated Steel Products Inc, we stay at the forefront of innovation by making substantial investments in research and development. Using the latest software and equipment, we deliver the best products at the most affordable prices.


In order to bring our customer service to the next level, we have launched a series of R&D campaigns with the sole purpose of integrating engineering, production control, shipping, and document control applications with our customers' infrastructure. This integration happens at all levels, making the entire process seamless and extremely efficient.


The information age has delivered powerful tools that greatly improve our processes. We take advantage of the latest software to deliver better results and customer service. Our software packages include:

• AutoCAD 2007 – This computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting program is used for CNC part details.
• FabSuite – This Windows®-based program is an industry-specific solution for purchasing, production control, estimating, shipping, and receiving. FabSuite allows us to export all reports to various file formats including Excel™ and Word™.
• ProNest 8 – This CAD nesting software allows us to operate multiple CNC burn tables.
• FSP-Job Tracker – We use this software to track our in-house job file database.
• SDS/2 – We use this industry-leading software for 3D detailing.

Examples of 3D Models

SICAM CNC Nesting Software & Equipment Control Software

SICAM's advanced software enables instant data sharing between their office and our shop. All of our SICAM-enabled computers automatically store their information in a common database. As we work on parts and nests in the office, they are updated at the machine. As the machine works through its production, the production status is logged and can be checked in the office. All of this is done to simplify the process, so production is faster and more accurate.

Automatic Beam & Plate Nesting

SICAM's automatic beam and plate nesting generates optimal results that reduce material usage as much as possible. Miter-cut beams are automatically detected and rotated to reduce drop. SICAM can "mult" WT beams, detecting optimal part size and automatically sorting them. The plate nesting feature has a wide array of advantages for nest generation.

Controlled Automation CNC Equipment:

(Angle Line)
(Plasma Plate Processing with High-Speed Drill System)
(Beam Line)